Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mr. Bailey Bear

I have the most perfect, adorable dog that ever existed.  See pictures below.

Sooooo, when I walked into NorthPark Mall last night to finally get the Snow Leopard upgrade for my not-so-secret-love, I was in complete and utter heaven when I walked into the sparkly new Henri Bendel store.  Ok, (theoretical) readers, I did not know about Mr. Bendel.  For some reason, I thought he only sold candles (tragic, right?).  Between work, dating, socializing, etc., I miss a few good stores.  But no worries, I have discovered Mr. Bendel and will love him oh-so dearly. 

First, there this snazzy little umbrella I am definitely a fan of.  All of my rain accessories are pink, and I think the handle will match perfectly and is just delightful.  Yes?

And my remaining Mr. Bendel loves are on Mr. Bailey Bear's Christmas/birthday/whenever-because-I'm-a-bona-fide-doggie-rock-star wish list:

I like the orange/brown/white combo a lot.  Mr. Bailey Bear, Bailey for short, is in fact a mister.  However, because of those gorgeous red locks, he is often confused for a she.  Makes me want to ask the people referring to my very manly, ferocious, tail-wagger just how they think other cute little tail-waggers come into existence.  Not all fuzzy dogs are girls.  Instead, I usually politely correct them with an appropriately placed HE.  Ok, off the soap box and back to my new favorite accessory store. 

I'm not going to pretend these items aren't pricey, the bag itself is ON SALE for $298.  But, a few coupons, holiday sales, and a little saving could make this collection actually palatable for mi pooch favorito.  

Oh, oh, oh.  I forgot to mention that there is a matching collar IN-STORE.  Perfection!!

There are many great little accessories in this store and I am so looking forward to our future years together. 

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