Thursday, October 8, 2009

Etsy Acquisitions

I am a complete art fanatic...really, it's an obsession. Kinda like my obsession with music, food, fashion, and office supplies. Yes, you read that correctly, office supplies. The best part of starting a new school year for me was picking out which folders, highlighters, pens, and paper I would get to use that year. To this day, I cannot resist pretty paper and smooth pens. But, I digress. We'll save that posting for another day.

Today, I bought art. And lots of it.

First up:

It is letterpressed by hand using vintage wood type blocks on 110lb, 100% cotton Lettra Pearl White paper with soy-based ink. It's very eco-friendly. I have taken up recycling and walking to work, so it meshes quite nicely with the new, greener theme in my life.

No real explanation needed for the message. I'm at a crossroads in my life and this is the message I want to tell myself everyday. It will be appropriately placed in the one room of my house I am in every day. The bathroom.

Next up:

These are signed 5" x 7" prints centered on 8.5 x 11" Premium Paper. The artist is Mike Best. He has art in a few galleries here and there. Not super famous, but I liked them.

So, I do realize these prints are a little darker than the others I purchased today, but I do have an eclectic apartment. And, art should be thought provoking at times. These will fit very nicely above my guitar.

And then...

These fun Goddess illustrations were created with a black Sharpie pen & Watercolor on foam core board. The artist, Kathy Morton-Stanion, specializes in illustration and graphic design. I'm obsessed with illustration right now. So many great pieces out there. But, these were affordable on my limited budget. They are a little more girly than today's other acquisitions. I have no idea where they will go, but I absolutely adore them.


These are my favorite. They're original watercolor and acrylic on paper. They're by an artist named Vincenzo Rizzo from Italy. Definitely for the bedroom. I cannot wait to hang them up!!

More art will come, but for now, these Etsy acquisitions will add a little flair to my current photography collection and maybe even start a few thought-provoking conversations.

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