Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Arlington TX Child Custody Lawyer

Children can be the most contentious part of a separation and divorce. Parents cannot imagine giving up their kids for a portion of the time. Unfortunately, that seems to be what happens in divorce and custody cases. Finding an attorney that can help ease the transition and protect your rights is a top priority. 

Possession And Access and Conservatorship in Texas Child Custody Cases

Child custody is referred to as "conservatorship." The mother or father who has primary and/or physical  custody of the child is known as the "managing conservator." The parent  who is not primary is known as a "possessory conservator." Parents who share custody are "joint conservators." Joint conservators have rights and duties assigned separately and apart.  Arlington Texas Courts prefer both parents be involved and be doing conservators. The most disputed issues in joint conservator cases is which parent directs medical care and treatment and which parent directs educational upbringing. Many times, child custody judges just assign one to one parent and allow the other parent to make the decisions on the other issues. 

How does a Court Determine Child Custody and/or Conservatorship?

Child custody Cases are determined by the best fit for the child. Getting both parents to agree on the living arrangements and rights and duties of each parent is by far the best option. But many times, anger, frustration, and sadness inhibit one or both parents' ability to make permanent decisions for their children. It's important to have a good attorney that will explain your case, treat you as a friend, and help you make the best decision or present your case in the best possible light. I recommend the Brandy Austin Law Firm to help you through your child custody cases. Brandy Austin and Larry Mike will put in the time and effort to help you understand your case.