Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New online magazine

Guess what?  I'm a Neo-traditionalist.  Yup, that's right.  I love combining traditional elements with modern ones.  I like new prints on classically designed dresses.  I like throwing dinner parties with a little semi-homemade flair.  I love rummage shopping, letterpress, hand-written thank-you notes, piggy banks in fun designs, Elizabeth Bennet and Sookie Stackhouse, traveling somewhere historical, baskets of flowers and chihuahuas with long red hair.  Better yet, there is a group of people out there just like me.  

And, they have a magazine that comes out TODAY!  Matchbook Magazine.

The matchbook girl...
views the world through rose colored glasses • loves to throw dinner parties, but has been known to burn the roast • values eccentricity over convention • is the first to laugh at her own bad jokes • knows the cha-cha, the charleston, and the tango • paints her nails bright coral when she's feeling blue • is infinitely curious • could happily live off of red velvet cake • pens hand written notes to her grandmother • has a signature shade of lipstick • secretly thinks she may be babe paley reincarnated • received an iPAD for her birthday, but will never give up her library card • has a bucket list a mile long and dreams a dime a dozen • is smart, but never a show-off • listens to the day's forecast, but trusts her own intuition • never says no to a sunday matinee at the theater • is quick to blush, but never short of a witty reply • has a skip in her step and a twinkle in her eye • always shares her last piece of gum

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