Sunday, December 6, 2009

More of Galveston

So, me and the bf took a short little trip to Galveston, Texas, this week for a little R&R.  We both love to travel and it is cost effective to road-trip within the a four hour radius.  Therefore, Galveston was this months mini-excursion.

My favorite part of the vacation had to be Moody Gardens.  The aquarium was quite enjoyable.  Not only did I see a bunch of this:

I purchased this:

Penguin art!!  The aquarium has several enrichment projects for the penguins there.  Original artwork is one of them.  I decided to contribute to the enrichment fund by purchasing this masterpiece by a King Penguin named Biggio.  Evidently my purchase helps purchase other enrichment projects, some of which include traffic cones.  Yay for traffic cones!!

We stayed at the Hotel Galvez, which is a beautiful historic hotel complete with an ocean view!!  It was beautiful.  Here's a small taste (hehehe) of the hotel:

There were several issues with the hotel, but they ended up giving us the room for free (and threw in breakfast), so I highly recommend it.  Breakfast included this:

 Your own personal baby jars of jam.  Love it!!!  Anywhooo....good experience with the hotel overall.

We spent a day wandering around the city, looking at all the beautiful sights:

There were a few reminders of Hurricane Ike, but it seems the town has been rebuilt quite nicely.


It was a great trip overall.  Favorite Galveston restaurant post to come!!

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